Working with Frames in HTML  

Frames are used to give your pages a cleaner look and make them easier to navigate. To design a frame you need to learn only two major frame tags: <FRAMESET> and <FRAME>.

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Wed Dec 26 , 2018

<FRAME> tag is used for placing an HTML file in the frame created. We have to tell the browser what to put in each frame.

<FRAMESET> is a container tag which has opening <tag> and a closing <tag>. <FRAMESET> tag does all the dividing of the page into different windows. It also has attributes(ROWS,COLS) that specify how to divide them up.

<FRAME> tag has no delimiter to terminate it. Everything is in its attributes.


<frame src="URL">


<title>My Frame Page - The Master Page</title>
<frameset cols="35%,30%,35%">
<frame src="">
<frame src="">
<frame src="">

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